About Sanctuary Pest Control and Termite Management

Michael Powell expert pest controller and proprietor of Sanctuary Pest Control and Termite Management

Sanctuary Pest Control & Termite Management proprietor Michael Powell

Sanctuary Pest Control and Termite Management was started in Byron Bay in 1994 with the belief that the home is a sanctuary and as such should be a safe and healthy place to be.

Later on this belief was expanded to include the world we live in as a sanctuary (and who can argue looking at this beautiful pocket of land and sea) and taking care of this world was a duty that could not be overlooked.

To this end Sanctuary Pest Control and Termite Management explore and utilise treatments and methods that are performed responsibly and effectively with minimal impact on our world.

Why Trust Us?

This is a perfectly appropriate question and one that I can hopefully address to your satisfaction.

First up - Who are we?
We are privately owned and operated and based in Suffolk Park with 3 full time technicians who live in the local areas of Mullumbimby, Brunswick Heads and Wardell.

We do not have sub contractors or franchisees and we are not a franchised business. Since 1994 we have been looking after homes and businesses and have built up relationships that continue to today.

Discovering termites in your home can be a distressing experience and if you have not had experience with them who do you call? and then what questions should you ask?

Intellagama lesueurii lesueurii (Eastern water dragon) subspecies of Australian Water Dragon.

Water Dragon watching us treat a house.

I often say to clients that, like it or not when you get a termite system installed you will have a relationship with your pest manager. Obviously it is a professional relationship but it will probably be a lasting one nonetheless.

What I mean is that you must have faith in what your pest manager is saying they will do and trust that they will be there for the long term to address any worries you may have over time.

It is difficult for me, via a web site to get across to you why you should talk to us about your pest or termite problems but I will try.

I mention termites because this pest is of significant economic importance to almost all of Australia and the costs of treating termites can be significant. We use the Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System and Australia is the third largest user of this system behind the US and Japan.

Sanctuary Pest Management is the largest local provider of this system in the Northern Rivers and we have used Exterra for the last 11 years.
Please visit their website for a complete explanation of the Exterra Termite system.

People allow us into and onto their properties every 8 weeks to check the termite stations protecting their homes and we take this trust seriously. Most of the time the home owner or occupant is not present but we always leave a door hanger or email them with our findings to keep them informed. Many clients have been with us for the whole 11 years since we started using Exterra!

The Byron Shire and the Northern Rivers are a fairly tight knit community and I am constantly amazed at the very few degrees of separation between us and our clients in the area. To this end, I am proud to live and work in this area and continue to be the preferred supplier of pest management services to local homes and businesses.

I have used the termite scenario so far but the same applies to any treatment we do, be it rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, spiders, wasps, bees, flies or fleas!

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you further so please call me anytime on 02 6685 4490.

Thank you for reading.

Proprietor: Michael Powell.