Mosquito, Midges and Flies
Effective control and ongoing management

Having fun at an MFB or Mosquito free Barbie

Successful MFB! (Mosquito Free Barbie!)

There is no doubt that mosquitoes can ruin your outdoor lifestyle or a meticulously planned evening or event.
Indeed you may even not have an event, because as soon as dusk arrives so do the mozzies and why put your guests and yourselves through the pain.

If you are planning an evening or even a daytime event that could be plagued by mozzies or midges, phone us to discuss how a misting treatment prior to the event can help keep the suckers away.

Misting is a proven control method and is used throughout the world as a means of controlling mosquito and biting insect activity in a given area. It works by applying a fine mist of a synthetic version of pyrethrum to the resting areas of adult mosquitoes. Typically, these areas are beneath decks, under houses, the underside of leaves and foliage, under eaves and other ideal locations. This then deters the mosquito from that area and will kill any that are resting at the time. As the treatment has a residual quality, it will remain effective for some time with the weather and other factors determining the duration.

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