Bee and Wasp Pest Control
Effective erradication of wasp nests and bees from homes

Paper wasp's nest

Paper Wasp's Nest, these wasps have a painful sting!

Paper wasps are the most common wasp we are called out to treat. There are many varieties but essentially they begin to become pests due to their nests being close to pedestrian traffic areas and when the nests start to cover one whole side of a house.

Paper wasps tend to favour certain sides and in a few weeks can multiply 3 fold. Their sting is quite painful and allergic reactions are not rare. Getting the treatment up to the paper wasp nest is necessary and we have the equipment and safety gear to do this. Treating the area with a residual application will deter the wasps from coming back and if possible, we will remove the nests.

Feral Bee Problem?

Feral Bee Hive problem

Feral Bee Hive problem

When a bee hive becomes too large, the bees on the outside of the hive cannot communicate with the queen and will often split from the hive and take up residence elsewhere. The bees can gain access to a wall void in your home and in some cases cause damage through wax and honey and damage to power points. An apiarist may remove the hive from the wall but more often this is beyond their scope. Again, we have the equipment to deal with the problem and can sort it out before it becomes a real issue.

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