Pest Control Lismore including Termite Management Services

Map of Lismore and surround areas which are serviced by Sanctuary Pest Control and Termite Management

Map of Lismore Shire which is serviced by Sanctuary Pest Control and Termite Management

Lismore and Nimbin are great places and are both hubs for business and tourism. On the doorstep of some wonderful national parks and areas of exceptional beauty it should come as no surprise that even termites love the place!

Given the sensitive nature of this large area we only perform our termite monitoring and baiting using a system which is specific to termites.

This termite management system is designed both extremely effective and to have the least impact possible on the environment.

The termites that are prevalent in this area are the Coptotermes spp and Nasutitermes spp. Both have differing behaviours and nesting habits but both are very damaging termites.

A lot of homes in Lismore and Nimbin are built off the ground on timber poles or other types of piers like brick and concrete. In Nimbin there are a diverse number of construction types. This does not make the houses any less vulnerable to attack as termites are more than capable of travelling up these piers, even steel piers.

Typically termites gain access to a home through their mud packing behaviour which shields them from predators and keeps their own micro eco system at a regulated temperature and humidity.

In my own personal experience, I have found the homes in Nimbin and surrounding areas to be very susceptible to termite attack due to their construction. I think in days past, many homes around this area were built by people with little or no knowledge or experience of termites and things like timber posts going straight into the ground and untreated timber being used for building has certainly contributed to a number of termite attacks to these homes.

Verdant rainforest around waterfall near Lismore.

Lush rainforest around a waterfall located in the Nightcap National Park near Lismore.

The areas of Lismore, Alstonville and Nimbin certainly have varying climactic conditions from the rainforest areas to the dry and from the rural to semi rural to suburbia.

Because of this diverse range of conditions we find some areas worse for some pests and vice versa.

For example, Alstonville has a high incidence of funnel ants especially on the eastern side. Homeowners can spend hundreds of dollars on chemicals to treat this pest but with very little success. We need to understand the lifecycle of this ant and use its behaviour against it. This is why our treatments are effective and we can give a 1 year free service period should they return. Lismore is black ant and white footed house ant territory. Again, understanding their life cycle and behaviour is vital to effectively treat them.

There is a funnel web called the Northern Tree Funnel Web. In the undisturbed areas of heavily timbered forests it can be found in trees sometimes 30 metres off the ground. Nimbin springs to mind when describing its habitat (it appears to be restricted to northern NSW and southern QLD) and a few funnel web bites have been attributed to it but no deaths.

We look after many homes in Goonellabah, Lismore as well as the Nimbin and Lillian Rocks areas with regards to termite inspections, termite treatments and general pest control such as cockroaches, ants, spiders and rodents.

We are happy to work through any problems you have and can target specific pests rather than a blanket treatment if that is your preference - for example if you wish to treat for cockroaches but you don't want the spiders around your home to come to any harm then our gel based cockroach treatment is exactly what you are after.

As I said we provide pest control and termite treatment services for many homes and businesses in an around Lismore and know we can deal with any pest infestation situation you may find yourself having to deal with.

Areas within the Lismore Shire that we offer pest control services to include Bentley, Nimbin, Eltham, Clunes, Rosebank, Broadwater, Woodburn, Richmond Hill, Dunoon, The Channon, Whian Whian, Bexhill, Terania Creek, Goolmangar, Ruthven, Caniaba, Larnook, Modanville, Lillian Rock, Tregeagle, Wyrallah, Corndale, Dorroughby, Blue Knob, Koonorigan, Jiggi, Lindendale, Numulgi and Rock Valley.

Similarly the suburban areas of Lismore city are also within our pest control service area the suburbs and surrounds we service include: Goonellabah, Woodburn, South Lismore, Lismore Heights, Chilcotts Grass, East Lismore, North Lismore, Girards Hill, Howards Grass and Loftville.

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