Pest Control Ocean Shores

Google map of Ocean Shores NSW 2483 which is within the service area of Sanctuary Pest Control and Termite Management.

Not far north of Byron Bay is Ocean Shores which has a large land area with a beautiful stretch of beach. The areas around Ocean Shores include New Brighton, South Golden Beach and Brunswick Heads.

There is a diverse range of soil types and climactic conditions around Ocean Shores from organic to sandy soils and from rainforest to dry. Because of this diversity there are different species of termites and other pests to be aware of within each different ecosystem.

We look after many homes in Ocean Shores for all sorts of pests including termites which can be frightening and very destructive to houses that become infested.
Homes in the Ocean Shores area are commonly attacked by two of the most destructive species of termites, namely Coptotermes spp and Shedorhinotermes spp.

These particular termites are subterranean by nature which is the reason the termite nest which is hosting the colony attacking your home will almost always never be found. Given this predicament baiting the termites is the best way to go as termite bait will get back to the nest and eliminate all the termites that are present from that colony.

The other reason why termite baiting is the best method of pest control is that the sandy ground does not lend itself to chemical treatments. The molecule of whatever termite killing chemical is put down needs to bind with the soil to work and to remain effective in preventing termite attack in the future.
Since the chemicals can only strongly bind to organic soils and much less strongly bind to sandy soils, it only takes a small gap to form for termites to gain entry unhindered. It is also known that after a heavy downpour the chemical can wash through a sandy soil substrate.

We can back fill the trenches that need to be dug around the home with the right soil but the underside of concrete paths and driveways are ares where it is difficult to do this after drilling and then pumping the chemical underneath.

Please see our pages on termite treatments and termite inspection for more information.

Shield Bugs are a once a year event that can wreak havoc on the unsuspecting and insect shy resident.

(Above) Shield Bugs.
A once a year event that can wreak havoc on the unsuspecting and insect shy local resident.

Around Ocean Shores household pests like spiders and cockroaches are typically more active in the spring and summer months. Rats and mice however are very noticeable in the winter time when they are actively looking for somewhere warm and cozy to spend the winter, somewhere like your house!

Ants are also a big problem in Ocean Shores and surrounding locales with the black house ant and the white footed house ant being the main ant pest species. Correct identification of the ant is needed to ascertain the best treatment options. The white footed house ant for example, has many nests covering hundreds of square metres and multiple queens and although they do share the food they gather, the reproductive ants do not. This is why baiting for this ant will slow them down but then they can build up again.

The black house ant does share bait and has a single queen - making ant baiting a good pest control option for black house ants.

How do you tell the difference between a black house ant and a white footed house ant?

Well they both have white feet for a start so not by that method! You need to look at their bodies and see if there is a Petiole in the area between the abdomen and the thorax.
A petiole is a node.
The white footed ant does not have this, well actually it does but it is very very hard to see.

After you have tried your hand at ant identification then you might think it is time to call Sanctuary Pest Control on 02 6685 4490 to book us in for a pest control appointment.

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