Commercial Pest Management

Angry chef with ruined vegetables after rodent infestation

Angry chef with ruined vegetables after rodent infestation
Sanctuary Pest Management can solve or prevent commercial pest problems.

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Whether your business is a restaurant, office, food manufacturing plant or warehouse, Sanctuary Pest Management has the relevant commercial pest control experience and know-how to take care of the pest management and reporting obligations that you require.

The differences between residential pest management and trying to control pests on a commercial premises are often very pronounced.

We can safely assume that deliveries to the business premises will likely be the prime method of a pest being introduced to the site. There are also many other ways that pests can gain entry especially if a wall is shared between adjacent businesses.

Commercial kitchens for example generate a lot of heat which is perfect for the year-round habitation of cockroaches, rats and mice.

Here is an example of how a typical pest infestation begins:

  • An egg case from a German cockroach is in a box of items delivered
  • This case contains 30 to 40 eggs
  • Sexual maturity of the cockroach is 6 to 12 weeks
  • 320 eggs are typically produced during their life
  • Adult life span of the cockroach is 4 to 6 months.

An electrician had to be called to this restaurant after they lost power. Major termite activity was the cause of the power outage.

An electrician had to be called to this restaurant after they lost power due to major termite activity.
Sanctuary Pest supply pest control solutions for commercial kitchens and other food storage premises.

So, if half of the cockroach eggs are female and they all hatch, then in six weeks we are looking at around 6,400 German roaches from that one egg case and that number will rise exponentially from there!

Also, the products used are very susceptible to fast breakdown due to not only the heat but also the oils and fats and moisture that is prevalent.

Another reason they are very hard to manage is their fast breeding cycle allows them to build up resistance to treatments. Rotating the active ingredient, not just the brand of product, will deliver different modes of action over time which becomes vital to maintaining effective control over the invading pests.

As a general rule, commercial food premises need quarterly treatments to keep cockroaches, rats and mice at bay.

Warehouses need a different pest control approach and pest management can be very challenging in large spaces.
Moth, as well as other flying insects and rodents can damage goods and reputations. German roaches might not be such an issue in a warehouse but the larger Periplaneta spp and American and Australian cockroaches can be.

We have several organic certified businesses we look after and so we are familiar with the reporting and treatment requirements of the organic certifiers and auditors.

For a quote or any questions about your business’s pest management needs give us a call on 6685 4490.