Termite Control & Protection

Termite colony showing the Queen and worker termites

Termite Colony showing large Queen termite

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If you have never had an experience with termites it can be very distressing to discover them in your home or garden.

Termites travel from up to 80 metres away and they are called subterranean termite because they travel and attack from underground.

Some myths about termites:

  1. If I have black ants I won’t have termites. FALSE. Even though black ants will attack termites they are unable to break into their mud tubes to get them. I have seen the same piece of wood have black ants and termites in it.
  2. I have hardwood so it safe from attack. FALSE. There are some hardwoods that termites don’t eat just as there is some softwood they don’t eat. Different species will attack different types of timber.
  3. If they are in the garden they will leave my home alone. FALSE. All termite attacks originate from a nest somewhere outside the home and as the colony grows they need more food.

It is often difficult to locate the nest of a subterranean termite so performing the correct treatment to eliminate the nest is imperative.

Dead trees from termite attack

Dead trees from termite attack

Termite interception and baiting is the primary method of termite control we use. It is the most effective and the safest way to eliminate the termite colony and provide ongoing protection of your home. Phone us to discuss why we often recommend this approach as opposed to high volume chemical pumping and spraying.

When you find them in your home do not disturb them or spray them with an insecticide as we need live termites to transfer the treatment to the rest of the colony

Sanctuary Pest Control and Termite Management are generally able to stop termites attacking your home within a couple of weeks so the sooner a treatment is started the sooner you can restore the damage and stop worrying.

After many years in this industry and experiencing many different termite treatments and methods of control, the Exterra system has consistently outperformed all other systems. From the shape of their stations to the bait matrix and the exceptional backup from Exterra we are confident to use the Exterra termite system in all situations.

Please phone or email us to make a booking for a termite treatment or for any other information you need in regard to pest control in or around your home or business.

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