Termite Management Systems - New Building Work
Pre construction termite certification

Termite management system in action before concrete slab is poured

Prior to the slab being poured the penetrations from pipework to be used for plumbing and electrical services will need protection from termites. In the picture above we see protection from termites via collars taped over the open ended pipes. The collars prevent termites from entering through the pipes when the slab moves or shrinks in the future.

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Termite protection and certification for new builds and renovations.

If you are building a new house or studio, renovating or want certification for occupancy for a converted garage we can help with termite protection that conforms to the relevant standards and local council requirements.

Not every situation is the same and there are many products and installation methods to employ in meeting the new requirements and protecting your new house or second dwelling.

Whether you are putting in new plumbing services into an existing slab or adding a new slab which will abut against an existing slab or laying a whole new slab then we can help with the termite management process.

House renovation with termite management system in action

If a new slab is going to abut onto an existing slab, there needs to be a physical impediment installed at the join. There are several products and methods that are suitable in this situation.

For more information see the NSW Govt. Fair Trading website which has information regarding termite risk management systems for new buildings or renovations which are also called termite management systems by other authorities.

Please phone or email Sanctuary Pest Control and Termite Management to make a booking to get a Termite Management System for a new house or renovation.

You can be sure it will be carried out according to AS 3660.1 Termite Management - New building work

Also see PDF information sheet prepared by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) regarding changes to the AS 3660.1 standard.
Also see December 2017 Australian Standards announcement about the revision of the termite management standard AS 3660.1.

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