Before and After funnel ant treatment

Our funnel ant treatment will rid your lawns of these mound building pests!
The "after" photo was taken 15 months after treatment and shows it's ongoing effectiveness!

  • Want to mow the grass and not mounds of soil?
  • Don't want the kids bringing in red dirt from the yard?
  • Want be proud of your lawn again?
  • Think you have tried everything?

The ants that cause unsightly mounds in your lawn are commonly known as funnel ants. There are different species but essentially, they live underground most of the time and after rain, excavate the soil to dry out their nests. This creates not only the mounds but by removing the soil, the ants are making the ground unstable and hollows will become evident throughout the lawn.

The ants are very difficult to treat not only because a substantial part of their time is spent underground but also due to their incredible breeding rate and the fact the new queens "walk" a very short way to set up new colonies so each mound has its own queen.

Most, if not all treatments are contact kill treatments. This is always going to have a limited effect and not sort the problem once and for all.

Our treatments, utilising a registered product for the treatment of funnel ants will not only rid your lawn of these pests but we will give a 1 year free treatment period if they appear again.

The high risk areas are Lennox, Skennars, Alstonville and Bangalow.

Properties that Sanctuary Pest has treated in these areas have been funnel ant free for up to 2 years now and even if your neighbour has them and does not get a treatment you will still be protected.

Ant mounds in your lawn are caused by Funnel Ants

To learn more about funnel ants you must watch this NEW video shot by Sanctuary Pest Control and Termite Management proprietor Michael Powell in May 2019.

Referred to by many names they are most commonly known as ‘Funnel Ants’.

Funnel ants are a very persistent pest that ruin the appearance of lawns through their mound nest creations and also cause destruction of the ground structure from the way they excavate the soil below ground.

After rain funnel ants can be particularly active as they excavate the ground to dry their nests out.

Around our area, Lennox Head, Skennars Head, Alstonville, Goonellabah and Bangalow get hit very hard by Funnel Ant activity.

‘DIY’ treatments and control of these ants has been very difficult in the past with the chemicals used being quite volatile and odorous as well as very short lived. A new treatment, available only to licensed pest controllers, and with specialist equipment and nozzles, is achieving fantastic results. It is water based, odourless and safe for pets and kids to play on the lawn just a few hours after the treatment. Sanctuary Pest Control will give a 12 month warranty with many treatments lasting up to 2 years.

If your neighbours have an infestation they do not need to have a treatment for your funnel ant treatment to be effective, but if you book together, the price can be reduced.

Why wait any longer? Call us now and reclaim the pride you once had in your lawn!

Other Common East Coast Australian Ants that are Pests

The black house ant, white footed house ant and the coastal brown ant are the main pests that will invade your home. Most often they will nest in the wall cavities of your home, foraging outside to feed and bring food back to the nest.

You have most likely discovered loose grit at the bottom of skirting boards, window frames and under light fittings. This debris is the result of the ants throwing out their rubbish such as dead ants and unused food. While currently classed as a ‘nuisance pest’ they are becoming an economic pest due to their ability to pack out a power point, fridge and air conditioner motors and smoke alarms with their nesting habits and materials.

We can safely treat these ants with an external treatment that targets just the ants and give a 3 month warranty on treatment with many treatments lasting up to 6 months and still counting.

Please phone or email us to make a booking or for any additional information you need in regard to pest control or termites around your home or business.

Proprietor: Michael Powell.