Pre-purchase Building & Pest Inspection

Termite Inspection Termite nest located

Termite inspection using Termatrac

We work in conjunction with a licensed building inspector for a complete pre-purchase building and pest inspection.

It is possible that a real estate agent or conveyancing company may ask you to consider using certain building or pest inspectors. I have seen this happen many times and I would advise that you seek out your own building and pest inspectors as they should be totally independant and must be working for you and you only.

Honest and frank advice regarding the house's construction as well as multiple pest considerations such as - the likelihood of pest attack, whether the building it is currently under attack and whether it has been attacked by any pests in the past - is the information you need at this important time.

Having independent building and pest inspectors will give you the advice that you need.

Before you settle on your new home it is vital to have a pre-purchase timber pest inspection performed to the Australian Standard. It may in fact be a requirement of your lending institution that you get such an inspection prior to loan approval.
If you need a building inspection as well as a pest inspection we can organise this with Dwellbuild who are licensed building inspectors. This way we can co-ordinate the inspections which will usually be done at the same time.

Sanctuary Pest Control and Termite Management utilise the latest pest inspection technology and couple this with licensed, experienced and dedicated people to give you information that will help you protect your greatest asset.

A pre purchase pest inspection is different to a normal termite inspection as more detail is given in the report and other pests are noted such as borer.

We use Bugeye borescope technology which gives a visual image of inside a wall to detect hidden termites and other pests, we also use thermal readings, radar technology, moisture level sensors, listening devices, and other tools help us to get a snapshot of the property you are interested in that will enable you to make the right decisions in regard to purchase or lease.

Please phone us or email us to make a booking for a pre-purchase building and pest inspection or for any other information you need in regard to pest inspections or pest treatments in or around your home or business.

Proprietor: Michael Powell.