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July 2018
Hi Vicki.
Thanks for your email, we certainly do want to continue for the next 12 months.
I’ve been very impressed with the service you offer and we’re very happy to continue.
Harry, Main Arm

Tecnician (Bradley) top notch: Tick
Admin top notch: tick
Termite system works, no termites:tick
Professional service and knowledge, can't find better: tick
Sanctuary tick all the boxes.
Tony, Mullumbimby

Excellent service. Had a major infestation years ago and they found nests in two large ironbarks fifty or so metres from the house. After treatment no termites since.
Lovely polite sensitive operator, not blokey at all.
Highly recommended.
Tony, Stoney Shute

Thanks for the update Janet. I'm so glad you're looking after our house - peace of mind is priceless.
Lucinda - Wategos Beach

Thank you for your thorough management of the property in regards to the termite system and regular pest control.
Dipti - Byron Bay

Thanks. Michael did a great job and fantastic inspection, it's a real pleasure working with a professional.
David - Byron Bay

I just wanted to let you know that Brad, who conducted a termite inspection and subsequently installed today a termite baiting and monitoring system, is such a lovely, professional employee of yours. We have found Brad to be so up-front, knowledgeable, professional and helpful through this whole process.
He must be a valued employee of yours. You are lucky to have him.
Jen - Myocum

Thank you thank you thank you
You are a gem 😊
Lisa - Byron Bay

Just a note to thank you all for your pleasant and efficient taking care of our pests (we don't like to kill anything, but it is needed sometimes). Bradley, and everyone who visits, and from the office on the phone, you're always helpful and pleasant.
Thank you from
Paul & Sabine, Rosebank

Thanks guys, I would hate to be a termite with you guys on the case!
Sal, Skinners Shoot

Yes, we will all get the cockroach treatment again this year, it's nice not to have them take over at night.
Ashley, Suffolk Park

Hi Ange, I have been very impressed with the professionalism of your business so yes I will be staying with you for our termite system renewal.
Graham, The Pocket

Dear Sanctuary, thank you for explaining the situation in detail. Please go ahead with the continued protection of the site with your advised payment plan.
Ange, Main Arm

I am happy to provide a testimonial for you Michael. I put up with a cockroach problem for too long as I was concerned about the treatment due to my health concerns. After hearing about Sanctuary Pest Management I called and Michael came out to discuss the treatment. I was happy for him to proceed and with no spraying or smells or any adverse effects, I was amazed that after a just a few days I was seeing less and less cockroaches and then none whatsoever. I have no hesitation in recommending Sanctuary for anyone who has a pest problem.
Leanna, Evans Head

I am very pleased to assist you by providing a testimonial. I have found yourself and your staff to be genuine, friendly, very helpful, honest and efficient. Its been the sort of service that a shell shocked householder needs when termites have been discovered. Your non chemical treatment in the house and surrounds was just what was needed as my wife has sensitivities to chemicals - she has experienced no problems. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who needs an effective termite elimination service. 
Tony, Eureka

Dear Michael
Our area is one where termites are common and dangerous to any dwellings.  We have friends that have had very significant damage done by them, and we consequently decided to get Sanctuary to install a termite monitoring and interception
system around our house which has now been in place for for three years.  The service visits are regular, on time and the guys are courteous professional and ready to offer advice if asked.
In addition to the Termite system Sanctuary have done other work dealing with spiders and ants of an equally high standard .  We have no hesitation in recommending them and expect to be dealing with them for many years to come.
Bernie and Christine, Myocum.

We cannot thank the sanctuary team enough, I know its winter however we did have a major mosquito and midge problem on the property and while it is too cold to be outside at the moment, at least we are no longer getting bitten indoors like we did when we first arrived here.

Thanks and kind regards
Catherine, Wilsons Creek

We have had Sanctuary out to do a termite inspection for us after we thought we found termites.  As well as the service being prompt and on time it was discovered we did not have termites after all.  It was such a relief. 
Grant, Coopers Shoot.

This is the third year we have had Sanctuary Pest Management look after us for termite inspections and cockroaches and spiders.  We always feel comfortable with the technicians and their professional manner gives us confidence in them.
Helen and Murray, Arundel

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