About the Pest Control Products we use

How safe are our products and services?

Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison.The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.

I think this is an appropriate way to start this topic as we are surrounded every day and everywhere by substances that can harm us. Salt (sodium chloride) for instance is vital for our bodies in transmitting nerve signals, for muscle operation and for aiding in achieving the correct blood flow. It is found in almost all edible items.

However, we only need a small proportion for it to be effective. Too much and there can be complications such as heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes. There are many examples of this scenario (caffeine, sugar) but let me explain our products keeping in mind the above.

Our cockroach gel is a low-dose bait providing highly targeted control of cockroaches with excellent levels of safety.

How is this so?
We use a gel bait which has been specifically formulated to appeal to cockroaches. It is applied at a rate of 0.1 of a gram in areas that roaches are found or are likely to be hiding if evidence is seen. Because of this it is always placed in out of the way areas where the chance of accidental contact is very unlikely. It is placed using a precise dosing gun.

Put another way, the amount of active ingredient is extremely low at .3g/kg in the gun and if we place 10grams of total gel in your house, the amount of active will be just .003grams or 3 milligrams in total. The rest is just made up of a food matrix the roaches like. A popular muesli bar has 147 mg of sodium chloride.

If we need to use a liquid application to control ants, spiders, fleas etc the same approach can be taken.

All of our products are non volatile in that there are no airborne residues from the treatment after droplets have landed. As above, the active is very low and you can come straight back into the treated area once the treatment has dried (usually a couple of hours). There is no odour so you won't even know we were there!

BUT... is it effective? Yes, the targeted approach we use enhances the effect and we provide a free service period should pests still be an issue.

Please call our office on 6685 4490 and we will be happy to discuss the treatments in more detail with you.

Thanks for reading.

Proprietor: Michael Powell.