Videos of Termite identifications, infestations and treatments in the Northern Rivers area of NSW

Please check this new May 2019 video regarding the treatment of funnel ants which leave big sandy ant mounds on your lawn.
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Please watch this July 2017 video showing a serious (and shocking) termite infestation that started in a timber retaining wall in a house in Byron Bay and spread to the house. Michael explains the entry points and other relevant information as to why he strongly suggests getting termite protection for houses with external timber constructions like this.
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Video from Feb 2017 where Michael explains why he recommends termite protetction for some houses and not others.

Termite inspection after home buyers found termites when they inspected a house for sale.
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Detailed information about Sanctuary Pest termite treatment.
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or Pre-purchase building and Pest Inspection

Initial Termite inspection.

See large termite nest when it is discovered north of Byron Bay.

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